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 Custom Jewelry Handcrafted in Sterling, Copper, Fused Glass and more...


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My necklaces are one of a kind, unique pieces.  I use a variety of materials to create my necklaces ranging from semi precious stones and glass, copper, sterling,  Argentium silver and fused glass.  My inspiration often comes from nature.  To truly capture the beauty and grace of nature I use many techniques to create a 3D, realistic look. I have several styles and series from Fused glass medled with copper and silver, foldform, pearls and imprinted metal as well as wire crochet neckalces.  Scroll down the page to view my different series and click on the images to view them close up.

Enjoy my slideshow.

Fused Glass Series on Silver or Copper



Foldform Series

Pearls and Metal Imprints - Hydrangea petals and Geometric prints

Leather Series



Locket Series

Crochet Series

enjoy my slideshow!